Thanks to the Millennial Craze, More and More People Will Be Eating “OUT” for Thanksgiving

And here’s why: because it’s more convenient. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but a trend we see only continuing to grow as the on-demand craze typical of the millennial crowd builds. Restaurants and other eateries are seeing the writing on the wall, tapping into this resource as a way to maintain the revenue and interest:

A Lot of Restaurants, Actually, Are Taking the On-Demand Craze By Storm

Zabar’s, a deli in New York, actually offers a dinner for 10, for a pretty penny of $375. They even offer a Thanksgiving millennial-16-person dinner package for $255. They ship the packages to you, something millennials love dearly. Instead of having to leave, they get their food given to them. Again, convenient.

That’s not to say many people aren’t still heading out of the home to make it to their favorite restaurant. The National Restaurant Association actually estimates that 9% of people will be waiting in line for a reservation just to get the fixins’ they want. That’s quite a jump from six years ago when only 6% of people were eating out for Thanksgiving.

The millennial trend isn’t simply localized either. Go to New Orleans, and you’ll find many places offering deliveries at the bulk, such as Brigtsen’s carryout menu with chicken and andouille sausage at a sweet $17 per quart, a quart of dirty rice for $15, and even a big sweet potato pecan pie for $32. Zingerman’s Roadhouse in Ann Arbor even has a family feast to sell, for four, which includes everything you could ever want in a Thanksgiving dinner: $190. That’s all it would take. And you can even upgrade to eight to ten people for $375. Readymade, cooked, ready to go.

It’s just a fact that more and more people are opting to not have to deal with the whole cooking stress. Sometimes buying the readymade food makes for a better Thanksgiving — or Christmas, or birthday, or any day of dinner, lunch, or even breakfast.

Whether That’s a Good Thing — or a Bad Thing — It’s Just a Matter of Opinion

The obvious trend in society is marked by the fact that millennials love the convenience, the ease, the on-demand mentality. Netflix, Golden Gate Organics, Martha Stewart, Trendy Butler. So many brands are going the on-demand route for good reason. Is it a good thing? Who knows. What do you think? Do you want the good ol’ times back? Or are we good on getting things done for us? You be the judge.


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